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We are guiding others to Christ to discover their true potential in life. We are determined to bring change and comfort to all God’s creation.

In today’s social , political and economical uncertainties many people find themselves facing financial difficulties as well as having to deal with increased stress, depression, anxiety, anger, fear, emotional insecurity and unhappiness.

We are confident that as you continually fellowship with us. God will eventually bring you into your true purpose geared towards fulfilling your destiny. In this fellowship, everybody is somebody regardless of your Status, Ethnicity, Race, Language, Sex or Education.

We believe this is one of the end time ministries that God is supernaturally raising up to meet the demands of his people this is quite evident at every service.

Our praise and worship is dynamic, the word of God is expository, full of revelation faith and hope and the people are very cordial, friendly and welcoming. This is the right atmosphere for you to grow and prosper in your God given purpose.

I am looking forward to seeing you in our great services and as a regular visitor to this website. Remember … you must Confront in order to Conquer. May the blessing of God be upon you

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