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Pastor Delight Uwagboe is a mighty, inspirational woman of God who leads with wisdom and grace. Throughout her nearly 12 years of marriage, she has diligently served alongside her husband, Prophet Joel Uwagboe with purpose and precision.
A gracious, humble, modest, soft-spoken woman of integrity, Pastor Delight possesses the rare ability to reach and stir her audiences as she works to complement her husband’s ministry.  

Through the special grace and anointing of God her life, Pastor Delight has exemplified her gift as a profound and in-depth teacher of the Word.

As a consultant with overarching responsibility for the ‘Women on the Move ‘ department, Pastor Delight has showcased her intense heart and passion for women of all walks of life. In March of 2014, this powerful visionary spearheaded the launch of FLM annual Women’s Conference which set a new spiritual benchmark for similar seminars nationwide.

In her role as the first lady of Freedom Life Ministries Inc. Pastor Delight is a shining role model, beacon and an inspiration for women of all ages to seek to lead excellent, spiritual, personal and professional lifestyles.

A powerful and dynamic intercessor, this mighty woman of God positively influences the lives of everyone she comes into contact with.

A born again believer for more than  30 years, this outstanding woman pioneered the Friendship  Revival Assembly of  God Church which she left to partner with her husband in the steering of Freedom Life Ministries Inc.

She has attended numerous seminars, conferences, workshops and Bible courses and is a graduate of the Assembly of God Bible School where she was awarded in 1994 with a Christian Workers Certificate  
The Freedom Life family attributes Pastor Delight’s wisdom and leadership to the emphasis she places on a close, personal relationship with God and her husband.
A loving, dedicated, faithful wife and mother, Pastor Delight has two children with Prophet Joel Uwagboe.

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